5 grandmother's tips for cleaning up… with a potato!

5 grandmother's tips for cleaning up… with a potato!

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Delicious on the plate, the potatoes also prove to be real allies for the household. Clean its tiles, its doors or even give back a shine to a tarnished stainless steel pan, the editorial staff of dé gives you some easy and economical tips.

Tip n ° 1: restore the shine to the tiles with the cooking water from the potatoes

Has your tile lost its shine? Come on, we give you a nice tip to restore it to its original appearance! If you cooked potatoes at lunch, save the cooking water. The latter will allow you to degrease your floor in the blink of an eye! Pour your water directly on the tiles and scrub with a brush. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse with a mop. Easy and economical!

Tip 2: whiten the curtains with potato starch

You can also use potato starch to add shine to your curtains. To do this, place them in the washing machine and then add two spoons of starch in the compartment reserved for rinsing water! Do not forget your usual laundry and then start a program at 40 ° C.

Tip 3: collect a stainless steel pan

Stainless steel pans tend to tarnish very easily when used regularly. To restore their shine from the first days, it is to the potato that you should turn! Cut one in half, apply to your pan then rinse with warm water. Finally, wipe your pan with a soft cloth. Here it is like new!

Tip 4: clean the white doors

Tired of fingerprints on your white doors? Fix the problem with a potato cut in half. Rub, rinse and voila, the black is gone!

Tip 5: shine a mirror

Removing traces on a mirror can sometimes be very difficult! Unless you use a potato cut in half and rub the entire surface of your mirror. Then pass a soft cloth soaked in diluted white vinegar and dry with another dry cloth. Your mirror regains its radiance!