5 points or the architecture explained to children

5 points or the architecture explained to children

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Do you want to introduce your children to architecture in an original and fun way? This is possible at Cinq Points, a French publishing house specializing in contemporary architecture. At the heart of this singular project, Laurence Cafalat, architect DPLG who imagined a graphic and timeless collection of objects and games intended for young and old lovers of architecture. What give birth to vocations!

A playful and uninhibited approach to contemporary architecture

Divided into two collections, Cinq Points distributes two-tone objects with sober and design lines, produced with the greatest care. Memory games, 3D puzzles or card games… everything is a pretext for children to have fun, while learning about the architecture and artistic disciplines that make up the contemporary universe. Among the brand's hits, the game of seven very refined Iconic families, which promises participants to discover the gems of 20th century architecture, the Archispects cut-out glasses to pose as Phillip Johnson or Le Corbusier in the courtyard recreation, and finally, three construction games that allow to understand modularity, balance and composition in particular.

Home: intelligent collaboration

Born from the brilliant collaboration between Cinq Points and the Joran Briand studio, Home is a three-dimensional puzzle based on the double principle of the jigsaw puzzle and the construction game that allows you to build and arrange spaces thanks to the furniture that the 'we discover by deconstructing the house. Guided by his very in-depth knowledge of architecture, the designer systematically questions the dimension of the object, thus confronting the scales of space with that of the furniture and establishing a constant dialogue between them. For Cinq Points, he agreed to change the playing field to offer a sober and relevant object, which is essential in the synthesis of architecture and design. Amazing!

The editor's favorite

We fell in love with the original and innovative board games Build me designed to tackle the theme of the site and its hazards. The objective is to build a tower of sixteen pieces as quickly as possible and place the "end of construction" card, while the other players will try to finish their building before yours and prevent you from completing your construction. A kind of Mille Bornes of architecture that will appeal to young and old
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