Tuto kids: finger puppets for Christmas

Tuto kids: finger puppets for Christmas

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Today, we learn how to make finger puppets for Christmas thanks to the tutorial from Maud, from the blog Mademoiselle M. Renne, bears, wolves, rabbits, all the animals of winter are here! A great idea for a game while waiting for Christmas, or a do it yourself gift to put at the foot of the tree! duration : About 1:30 hour for 5 puppets Cost : felt about 5 €


You will need: - Felt (three colors: white, black and brown) - a grease pencil - scissors - paper - a sewing machine or thread and a needle - black thread and a needle


1. Start by drawing the shape of your puppets on the felt with a grease pencil. No need to be very precise, this is what will give the charm of your small animals! However, be careful to provide a fairly large finger size, since the seams will reduce the space available. Each news item: 739839 pattern must therefore be approximately 4 cm wide.
2. Cut out the elements of your puppets. Consider also making items for the nose, mouth, etc. with the help of the 5 examples below.

3. With the black wire, make several points to make the eyes of your puppets.
4. Then assemble the elements either by machine or by hand, making very solid seams.


And here are your diy finger puppets are finished! You can use it both to play and to decorate the tree. A real little Christmas menagerie!
Thanks to Maud for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your DIY finger puppets on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!