Add pizzazz to your table!

Add pizzazz to your table!

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Nothing like brightening up your table or giving it a little cachet than using colored dishes. Here are two ideas to decline to impress your guests. Choose your style: Scandinavian or classic revisited?

A chic and colorful Scandinavian table

For a brunch with friends or a snack for girls, make a Scandinavian wink : chic and warm. We mix prints and colors : a plain colored tablecloth from Treviso, with a porcelain tableware Nordic or Trika while spreading the cool red, yellow or blue colors between the bowls, plates and cups. It's impossible not to fall in love with these discreet and geometric patterns of the best effect: the winning duo for a cozy and cheerful atmosphere all year round in your kitchen or dining room. You will be right in the Swedish trend with a predominance of white and clean and geometric lines ! And don't forget the cupcakes, of course…

A classic, dapper and colorful table decor

You receive people and have decided to put small dishes in the big ones. A menu with onions, and a pretty classic table decoration. Classic, but festive ! Why not combine the original white Kerao square plates, the mikado metal cutlery and brighten up everything with colored accessories: table runner, tablecloth, table sets or original and stylish Lisea glasses… Their discreet and colorful stripes add a a touch of audacity. In summary, to revisit the classic style, it's simple: start with a white and chic base, then play on shapes and instill color. And if you want to personalize your plates, go to our DIY dedicated to the question. As you can see, whatever the style of your table, everything is a pretext for a sparkling touch that will surprise your guests!

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