3 decorative ideas with masking tape

3 decorative ideas with masking tape

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On walls, everyday objects or furniture, the masking tape displays its graphic patterns and flashy colors everywhere. Tearable by hand and repositionable, this adhesive version of washi, a traditional Japanese paper, offers many possibilities for customization.

1. Original and offbeat wall decoration

Decorating a wall without having great talents in DIY and with a very small budget, it is possible thanks to the masking tape. There are all widths and all colors, which allows you to easily customize your decor. The big advantage is that it is fleeting. A new idea, another desire? We take off and pick up as many times as we want! With the masking tape, you can dress your doors with graphic lines, make geometric or playful wall decorations, create colorful frames or even a headboard ... as many ideas as surfaces to decorate!

2. Customization of a piece of furniture with graphic lines

We have seen the masking tape can do everything! It is also ideal for reviving a piece of furniture, twistering it and giving it a colorful side. For example, you can dress the edges of a dresser (COOL) with a flashy masking tape, create a graphic pattern on a table to make it unique, or even customize the seat or legs of a chair (SIWA). Little things that will make a difference!

3. Personalization of everyday objects

Tealight holders (CLÉO COLOR), vases (RETRO DECOR), cutlery (HOTEL) or lampshade: with simple pieces of sticker paper, you can transform objects and decorate your home at will. Preferably choose colors that will match your current decor, or play squarely on the offbeat side. The masking tape is also a very good idea to personalize your interior during events and imagine fun accessories. Conversely, if you want it to stay glued longer, do not hesitate to coat it with a layer of varnish, depending on the object you have decorated with. Much more than a simple patterned scotch tape, masking has become a real decorative element for our interiors, just like painting. Repositionable and fun, it will allow you to give free rein to your creativity!

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