Siemens iSensoric: the sensitive washing machine

Siemens iSensoric: the sensitive washing machine

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Could we have imagined a few years ago an intelligent washing machine capable of weighing, detecting, and calculating everything, from the load of laundry through the amount of water or the degree of soiling? Not so sure… It is now done by the German giant Siemens with its latest born iSensoric! At the time of the hunt for waste, the performance of this intelligent washing machine has been optimized in order to minimize the consumption of water and electricity. The result ? An intuitive and impeccable washing that simplifies the daily life of the user while providing maximum performance. Decryption of a device that will revolutionize the drudgery of dirty laundry!

How does iSensoric work?

A true self-regulating system, iSensoric is a technology that uses information gathered from several key locations during the washing process by means of sensors. A flow sensor thus measures the exact amount of water entering the washing machine, while the load sensor analyzes the water pressure in the drum. This different information allows the machine to automatically determine the quantity and type of textile in the washing machine: the program is thus adapted according to what is put in its drum! Another surprising innovation is the infrared detection of the degree of soiling in the water, which determines the strength of the washing. All this information processed in real time offers the consumer a personalized cycle for each use, processed in the most automatic and simple way possible.

Intelligence at the service of laundry care

The iSensoric has been designed to offer different washes to meet the daily needs of each household. The programs and options offered are clearly presented so that they can really be used by everyone. Thus, the anti-stain program offers 16 treatments adapted to the most frequent stains, while the shirt program has a spin cycle reduced to 800 turns, avoiding creases and facilitating ironing. All being accessible in the blink of an eye, the long hours spent in front of the instructions for use become ancient history! Still with a view to respecting the environment, Siemens took a close look at the wastage of detergent and water. Thanks to its iDos technology, the iSensoric prevents overdose of detergent, bad for the skin, for laundry and the environment. This same functionality also saves up to 7000 liters of water per year per household!

A shock dryer

Siemens has pushed its research to the tumble dryer by imagining the most ecological device of the moment. Very energy efficient, the iSensoric dryer benefits from exceptional readability and intuitive navigation which facilitate its use. Its rapid cycle makes it possible to have a dry hold in 1 hour flat! For simplicity, these two iSensoric devices are perfectly coordinated and can be harmoniously installed side by side or one above the other, thanks to a stacking kit. The gain in floor space is appreciated and the laundry room adopts a futuristic look at the same time! ISensoric washing machine: € 999.99 + eco-participation (Recommended retail price) iSensoric washing machine: € 1199.99 + eco-participation (Recommended retail price)