Tutorial kids: a cardboard flying fish

Tutorial kids: a cardboard flying fish

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"Cooking, DIY, and decoration, Sweety Paï Paï is a very pretty blog compiling inspirations and creations, all through photos to make magazines fade. Behind this beautiful work hides Sofya, who also shares her talent on her shop in Today we find it for a tutorial that children will love, a cardboard flying fish. "


You will need: - Scissors - Tape - Glue - A cardboard tube (roll of paper towel or toilet paper) - Colored papers - News scraps: 739845 colored fabric or paper. - A wooden rod (you can use a skewer to cut the ends) - De actual: 739827 wool, or twine, to tie the whole.


1. Start by making the scales by cutting them out from the different colored papers. To help you with an example of cutting:

2. The scales must then be taped onto the cardboard tube. For this operation, place a scale of each color side by side on a length of scotch tape (a little larger than the circumference of your tube) halfway up the width of the scotch tape. Once all the scales are stuck on your length of tape, go around your tube by placing them halfway up the previous ones and slightly offset on one side.
3. Cut strips of actu: 739845 fabric and glue them inside the tube.
4. Cut out the shape and color you want.
5. Glue them opposite the pieces of fabric.
6. Attach your flying carp to your wooden rod using the string.


And There you go ! You just have to let the kids have fun running with their little flying carp to admire the result!
Thanks to Sweety Paï Paï for his creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your personalized little flying carp on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!