Sewing tutorial: 13 simple steps to sew a straight skirt

Sewing tutorial: 13 simple steps to sew a straight skirt

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"Two girlfriends, ideas and talent, this is the recipe of the blog Lucette & Suzette! Knitting, sewing, decoration, all their creations are full of charm and inspiration. Today, we find them for a hyper tutorial clever, a very simple skirt, without news: 739839 pattern or zip, perfect for beginner sewing! "


You will need: - a sewing machine - A news item: 739845 fabric about 1m x 85 cm - Tone on tone thread - A wide elastic - Pinking and "normal" scissors - Needles, a meter and a marker pen


Straight skirt, elasticated at the waist and lined: 1. Cut a piece of news: 739845 fabric from the width of your hips / buttocks to the widest + 5cm and a height of around 85 cm - for a final height of 45cm. Cut with pinking shears, like that no need to overcast! 2. Start with the bottom hem, mark the fold. 3. Pin the hem. 4. Sew the hem in a straight stitch. 5. + 6. Measure 45cm from the hem. 7. Mark the fold. You will therefore have a rectangle with a hem at the bottom and a fold in the middle (the upper part on the diagram represents the lining).
8. Sew in straight stitch about 1.5 cm from the fold: it corresponds to the "gathered" at the waist. 9. Sew a second line corresponding to the width of the elastic (allow a few more millimeters) 10. Close the skirt by sewing right sides together with a straight stitch. 11. Reopen to insert the elastic using a safety pin. Cut the elastic to the desired length (I'm not too tight to be comfortable). 12. Sew the ends in a zigzag stitch 13. Close the opening in straight stitch.


Thanks to this tutorial you will be able to reuse all the fabrics of your old creations or try again to have a brand new "skirt" for this summer!
Thanks to Lucette and Suzette for this creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your custom skirts on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!