Glass takes over the decor

Glass takes over the decor

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Glass is the light element par excellence. No wonder it is the flagship material in terms of interior design. We like its transparency, its resistance, its elegance. And even when it is opaque, it brings an extreme depth to the habitat suddenly bathed in light. In all rooms of the house, glass inevitably finds its place, from the partition wall to the staircase, from the basins to the furniture, colored, structured, chrome-plated, smooth or frosted effect.

Glass in all its forms

Glass, there is something for everyone. Tempered frosted or satin glass, opaque or mirror effect glass, it can be decorated with patterns of all kinds. This exceptional material is second to none to personalize a room to which it brings as much refinement as lightness. Solid, easy to maintain, it is extremely pure since it does not contain VOCs (understand Volatile Organic Compounds). It can be used as a floor covering as well as a wall covering. Cupboard door, partition, radiator, staircase and railing are other possible variations of glass. Flexible at will, it delimits spaces while giving everyone a different dimension. Light material, glass is available in different thicknesses to adapt to each situation. It can be used with all materials, be it chrome, wood, aluminum, natural stone, wrought iron and many others. It therefore fits into any interior it sublimates, from the most rustic to the most design.

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An interior bathed in light

Say goodbye to dark and moral pieces at half mast ... Long live glass in all its splendor! Light, source of life, invites itself into the house without limit and thanks to glass, visual obstacles disappear. Walls and partitions become transparent so that from the inside you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the outside. Glass is perfect for doing away with tight spaces. With him, the hour of metamorphosis rings out: glass has never been so present, although it knows how to be completely forgotten. It's up to everyone to give free rein to their imagination: glass knows no limits in terms of colors and textures. This is why it can completely serve as a partition between the bedroom and the bathroom while preserving the privacy of each occupant: structured, the glass becomes a privacy screen without ever obstructing natural light. A must !

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Tempered glass or laminated glass?

Simple question of safety: the glass can be tempered or laminated. For interior elements such as the steps of a staircase, the railing of the mezzanine or a floor, specialists offer tempered glass whose mechanical resistance is extreme thanks to a heat treatment. It is a safety glass which - in case of deterioration - does not cut. As for laminated glass, it consists of an assembly of specific plastic spacers and glass sheets. In case of breakage, they crumble but the pieces of glass remain in place. Knowing this, we no longer hesitate for a second to renovate its interior and emphasize the fluidity and brightness. From the dressing of old-fashioned cupboard doors to the sliding partitions, from the kitchen splashback to the mezzanine floor, glass brings a breath of freedom.
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