How to wrap around an electrical appliance or an outlet?

How to wrap around an electrical appliance or an outlet?

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Answer: dismantle the built-in socket or cut the wallpaper beforehand in the case of a surface-mounted socket.

It all depends on whether the electrical appliance is built-in or on the wall, but in both cases, you must cut the power at the circuit breaker to avoid any mishap! If the socket is recessed, you just have to disassemble it, then put the wallpaper normally, and finally cut the wallpaper that protrudes at the edge of the recess using a cutter. Then, you will just have to reassemble the socket. On the other hand, if the plug is applied, another method must be used. Position the wallpaper and locate the socket, mark the place with a pencil. Then put the wallpaper back on the table, and cut out the place indicated with a craft knife. Finally, glue the paper normally. Once the operation is finished, you can reconnect the power.