Interior flowering for spring

Interior flowering for spring

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To flower your interior for spring is to put a little cheerfulness and good humor in your interior. Flowers have their place in every room of your home. There are any size and all colors, so you can choose the ones that will decorate your interior and that will match your decor. Do you want advice on flowering your home? Here are some ideas.
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Why flourish its interior?

To flower your interior is to put a little nature at home. When we live in an urban environment, this approach is more than necessary, especially if it is impossible for us to flower a garden. Flowers bring life and color. You can put it everywhere, in a bouquet, in a jar or as a presentation. Having flowers also means perfuming your living space and thrilling all your senses!
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A bouquet to dress a table

To dress a table or a console, nothing like the bouquet of flowers. You can choose a bouquet that will offer a shades of white, pink, red, yellow or purple or a multicolored bouquet for a very successful spring effect. The bouquet can be discreet or on the contrary XXL. Be aware that you do not have to adapt the size of the bouquet to the size of the table. The decorating tip is to choose the right vase. The latter must be in agreement with your interior decoration but also with the bouquet of flowers to highlight.
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Decorative floral presentations

The floral presentations take the shape you want. You can thus play on the height and highlight a dull wall of your entrance or on the contrary choose a presentation all in roundness. The long presentations will dress your table wonderfully and the little ones can stay on the table during your dinner.
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Objects diverted as a vase

Because flowering its interior is also succumbing to all your decorative desires, give free rein to your imagination. The big trend of the moment and to divert everyday objects to make vases. Of course, you can use baskets of all kinds but why not be tempted by copper cookware, watering cans, canned goods, bottles and even hats!
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Caring for your flowers

Having flowers is good, but maintaining them properly is better. In order for your flowers and plants to breathe health, you need to water them or change the water regularly, but also dust and hydrate the leaves. Just like your green plants, your flowers should be placed so that they receive natural light. If your bouquet deteriorates, remove the wilted flowers and leave the healthy ones. If necessary, complete or recompose your bouquet. To maximize your chances of keeping your flowers healthy, ask your florist for advice when purchasing. The latter will give you precious advice to optimize the beauty of your flowers and your floral arrangements. Discover our videos "flower arrangements"