Before / After: create a child's room in an old kitchen

Before / After: create a child's room in an old kitchen

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In this Parisian apartment for seasonal furnished rentals, the owner wanted to create a second bedroom while keeping a closed kitchen. So she called on Alexia Rhodier, from the Sweet Home Staging agency, to create a new kitchen and create a child's bedroom in the old kitchen. Area: 7.64m² initial kitchen Budget: € 15,000 including tax to create a new kitchen and € 4,000 to transform the kitchen into a bedroom

Move the kitchen to the living room

Before: To save space and be able to rent the apartment more easily, the old kitchen had to be transformed into a child's bedroom. The new kitchen has been moved to part of the living room. After:The dining room was condemned by closing the room to install the kitchen. The doors between the living room and the entrance hall have been removed.
Partitions were created to replace it and a door was installed. On the floor, the parquet has been kept in the kitchen for more unity, while the walls have been painted white to bring more light into the room.
The kitchen was completely demolished to be moved to the living room side, which required a lot of plumbing work. Alexia Rhodier took care of the complete layout of the kitchen, with Ikea cupboards, a long worktop, new appliances and a larger dining area that acts as a dining room.

An old kitchen transformed into a bedroom

Before: The apartment's old kitchen was quite vintage, with blue tiled floors and wooden walls. Not very functional for families with children, the dining area was more limited. After:The kitchen was originally 7.64 m2. The architect pushed back the right wall by 50 cm to save space, which made it possible to have 9 m2 in this new room for two children. On the ground, a solid oak parquet, identical to the original parquet of the apartment, was laid. The walls have been painted white (the most neutral color and easy to touch up after a rental).

Optimizing space for two children

Before: The partition of the old kitchen had to be demolished to build another. The owner wanted to have two beds in the room, despite its small area. After: The architect opted for twin beds that are less imposing in volume than bunk beds.
By moving the partition to enlarge the bedroom, the Sweet Home Staging team discovered a niche behind the technical column. Alexia Rhodier therefore had the good idea to create shelves over the entire height, to have clever storage.
For more information, visit the Sweet Home Staging website,Alexia Rhodier