Before / After: making a small entrance functional

Before / After: making a small entrance functional

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This apartment located in the city of Toulouse had been renovated in 2010, but the entrance and the corridor had remained as they were because they presented a rather complex configuration, which did not allow adding storage space. The owners therefore called on Emilie Perruchet, decorator and manager of the agency Aparté Conseil. The result ? A welcoming and functional place of passage. Area: Entrance 8m² - Corridor 23m² Budget: € 10,000 including tax for the refitting and renovation of the entrance and the corridor

Sound carpet instead of parquet

Before: The apartment is old, the parquet squeaked a lot. The corridor serving the three bedrooms, we had to find a solution.
After: The owners wanted to install sound carpet, which retains noise for better insulation. The cold tone contrasts with the section of red wall that has been kept from the entrance to the end of the corridor.

Create a trompe-l'oeil wardrobe

Before: The owners had an imperative request: to have plenty of storage. Indeed, they wanted a more welcoming but also more ergonomic main entrance, to avoid hanging clothes (of parents and children) on a coat rack. The high and molded ceiling did not facilitate the task at the agency Aparté Conseil .
After: In order to fill this large entrance while leaving the gaze spun on the perspective, Emilie Perruchet has designed a made-to-measure trompe-l'oeil wardrobe, which covers the entire wall of the entrance.
Inside, there are storage spaces for shoes, large drawers for school bags and children's belongings as well as two wardrobes for hanging coats on coat hooks and / or hangers. To optimize the space as much as possible, the dressing goes almost to the top of the ceiling (there is a notch because the electricity is installed in the ceiling), where it can store winter belongings, duvets, suitcases and other accessories little used in everyday life.

The corridor, a more functional passageway

Before: The existing corridor lacked personality. 17 meters long and narrow, it was quite cold. On the other hand, the red section of wall, the colors of the doors, the plinths and frames had to be preserved so as not to disparage the style of living.
After: The difficulty for the decorator? Make the hallway warmer and less slender to the eye while keeping the plush side of the apartment. Emilie Perruchet therefore had the idea of ​​putting vertical stripes on the walls to break the height and perspective.

Brighten the room

Before: The entrance lamp did not light the room enough and took up space, while the lights recessed in the ceiling of the corridor were quite cold.
After: The new fixtures are more harmonious and allow to decorate and furnish the corridor, in continuity with the entrance. These suspensions, signed Carravaggio Light Years, allow you to save space and not clutter the corridor (which is only 1.35m wide) with furniture. More info on Emilie Perruchet's achievements on Aparté Conseils.