How to arrange a dining area in a small space?

How to arrange a dining area in a small space?

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Do you live in an apartment or a small house, and dream of a real dining space? Nothing's easier ! Furniture manufacturers today compete in imagination to create clever and space-saving furniture, perfectly suited to small areas. Follow our advice to create a dining room that is as practical as it is friendly!

Define the dining room space

This is the simplest solution to implement, but also the least expensive. By means of a removable partition, a piece of furniture or simply a carpet, you can easily define the dining area by visually separating it from the living room. An openwork console or bookcase will very well play the role of separation between the table and the sofa for example. Another solution: Japanese panels fixed on rails, which you can adjust as you wish… You can also opt for a fairly large carpet on which the table and chairs will be placed. Simple and efficient !

In the kitchen

If your living room is not spacious enough to accommodate a dining room, do not hesitate to fall back on the kitchen. A solution that we do not necessarily think of, and which turns out to be very practical. No need to go back and forth between the kitchen and the living room! Kitchen designers now offer modular spaces incorporating a family table, a bar or fold-down shelves. If your kitchen is spacious enough, you can also set up a personalized dining area, with a pretty bistro table for example.

Place the table against a wall

When the living room is not spacious enough to accommodate a large dining room, no need to try to push the walls. On the other hand, you can perfectly use it! Simply place your table (square or rectangular, if possible extendable, to occupy a minimum of space) against one of the walls of the living room. Invest in a few foldable chairs, which you will take out for a family meal when the table is unfolded in the center of the room. A clever solution (almost) within the reach of all stays!

Choose a bench

The bench seat is THE ingenious solution for small spaces. Practical and comfortable, it matches your decor through its textile patterns or simply its shape. Wedged against a partition, in the living room or the kitchen, it welcomes a table and several chairs in front of it: enough to make the whole family dine comfortably!

A folding console or a lifting coffee table

Here are two ingenious proposals, to create a dining room in the living room without encroaching on the space dedicated to relaxation. The fold-out console slides into the entrance of your accommodation or against a wall in the living room. When you receive guests, simply unfold it over its entire length to benefit from a beautiful dining table that can seat up to 8 people. The liftable coffee table installed opposite the sofa will be reserved for more intimate dinners of 2 or 4 guests. Once set up, it is enough to place beanbags or seats at height to be able to dine in a convivial atmosphere.