The mistakes to avoid when choosing your glass door

The mistakes to avoid when choosing your glass door

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The glass door gives a special charm to the finish of a house. It must therefore have a look that matches both the exterior of the home and its interior decoration. Consequently, it is impossible to start blindly in the purchase of a glazed entry door without having read the few rules to be observed in this area. So before you start, offers you a little overview of the mistakes to avoid in order to make a wise choice and not commit an odd one.

Mistake # 1: not adapting to the architecture of your city

Do you want to play on nuances or bring style to your exterior facade through color? Please note, in many municipalities, town halls have a veto over the choice of color. In principle, the door should therefore be the same color as that of the shutters. Is your home located near a historic monument? Know then that the restrictions are more important and that it is necessary, beforehand, to have the agreement of the architect of the Buildings of France who will make sure that the selected door does not distort the area.

Mistake # 2: Hiding the door in a color identical to that of the surrounding wall

The door must be in perfect harmony with the facade of the house. If the facade is light, it can be highlighted by dark tones. Conversely, if it is darker, it will be wise to opt for lighter tones. Similarly, you can use a color already present in the home, which you will favor in a more sustained tone. If the colors of your house are neutral and somewhat monotonous, a door with warmer tones is perfect.

Mistake # 3: not selecting the correct glazing

Practical and aesthetic at the same time, the glass door is an ideal solution for those who wish to bring clarity into their home. However, it requires great caution in the choice of glass which must be able to intimate the space and protect its inhabitants from any offense. An anti-violation safety glass capable of withstanding impact, fire and deformation is one solution to consider. Chosen in a frosted finish, it will let in light, prevent curious people from observing what is happening in your accommodation and will effectively protect residents. Ideally, it should be coated with an anti-violation film, which coupled to the glass, will delay intrusion attempts.

Mistake # 4: Failure to insulate your glass door

Insulation must also be taken into account when purchasing a glass door. Double or triple glazing is therefore necessary for sound and thermal insulation. Note that for houses facing a street, there are models with reinforced sound insulation. Finally, the insulation also passing through the waterproofing, consider adding a peripheral seal between the door leaf and the door frame as well as an aluminum threshold.