How to successfully install tile skirting boards?

How to successfully install tile skirting boards?

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Laying tiled plinth is not necessarily child's play. Tiles, measures, materials… how to make the right choice without breaking the bank? gives you his best tips for installing your tile skirting board. Let's go for a pose in 5 steps!

Why tiled plinth?

The tiled plinth is above all a good decorative asset. For already tiled floors, it offers real continuity to the tiling and enhances the aesthetic appearance of the room. It is also ideal in places requiring impeccable hygiene, such as the bathroom, kitchen, toilet or places of passage such as the entrance.

Step 1: Define a perimeter

The first step is to determine the perimeter of the room to be tiled. To obtain the requested linear meters, it is best to round up to the next meter. Then you have to find the tiles: if you already have small floor tiles, you can take them for your plinth. Is the format of the tiles too large? Don't panic, contact the manufacturer and ask for tiles from the same collection in a plinth format. The two elements are generally coordinated.

Step 2: Calculate the number of tiles needed

To calculate the number of tiles to buy, measure the length of the walls (no need to count the doors) and add the distances. Divide the length of the walls by that of a tile and you will get the number of tiles needed. Little tip: take 10% more tiles to get more when needed. You can never be too careful!

Step 3: Choose your tools

To install the plinth, provide a pencil, a wall adhesive dedicated to the support, a notched spatula of 5 x 5, cardboard wedges, a mallet and rubber gloves, knee pads to make the joints, joint mortar, dry cloth and sponge. You are now equipped!

Step 4: Prepare the wall

Tile plinths must be laid on a clean, flat, dry and solid wall. In particular, check that the bottom of your wall is not covered with glue (due to the previous installation of plinths). Establish a laying line. For this, take a tile, wedge it on the floor tile and draw a line on the wall. Make sure your soil is even! It's good, you are ready to install tile skirting boards!

Step 5: Lay the plinth

1. Apply the glue, preferably a wall glue suitable for the support. Distribute it evenly on the wall thanks to a notched spatula with teeth of 5 x 5, on a meter in length. Little tip: start from a corner of the room or from a door frame. Then glue the back of the tiles. Double gluing is particularly recommended when installing plinths. 2. Place the first tile straight against the wall. Press down hard and stabilize it by lightly pressing with a rubber mallet. 3. Repeat the operation. It is necessary to use braces to maintain a constant distance between the tiles. Finally, count 24 hours before making the finishing joints with joint mortar. Then pass a dry cloth to smooth and a sponge to remove the excess. And now you know how to install a tiled plinth!