Essential utensils for raw cooking

Essential utensils for raw cooking

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Raw cooking, more than a fashion, is a whole new way of consuming food. A practice that is particularly popular with vegans (who do not eat any food of animal origin). Do you also want to try it out? Above all, you must be properly equipped. Here is a list of the utensils you need to have for yourself.

Essential: good knives and a julienne peeler

Raw vegetables and fruits are sometimes not easy to cut. To make it easier for you, remember to bring good sharp kitchen knives. The julienne peeler will be very useful when you want to cut a vegetable into long strips. Set of knives, € 229 at Vega / Julienne peeler, € 10 at Amazon.

A mandolin and a cutting board

Any cut requires good support. Do not neglect it and invest in at least one large cutting board. Wooden ones are often stronger and age better than plastic ones. When you need to slice or grate a lot of fruits or vegetables for a particular recipe, a good mandolin will be more effective than elbow grease and a simple knife. Mandoline, € 26.99 at Alice Delice / Cutting board, € 50 at Guy Degrenne

The spiral apparatus

For presentations of original dishes and different flavors. The spiral device allows you to effortlessly prepare pretty spaghetti from zucchini, carrots or any other vegetable. A must have. The spiral device, € 33.49 on Amazon

The dehydrator

For fans of dried fruits and vegetables, the dehydrator will quickly become your best ally in the kitchen. Equipped with several shelves, it cooks tomatoes, apricots and other fruits at a very low temperature, while retaining their energy values. The dehydrator, € 89.99 at Darty

The juice extractor

With a juice extractor, you can transform all the plants you love into a delicious juice. Its operation is simple: it grinds food against a filter to extract the liquid and isolates the fibers. The juice extractor, 369 € on Amazon

The blender

For delicious smoothies or 100% natural cold soups, the blender is your best ally. In just a few seconds, it grinds up the fruits and vegetables you have chosen to combine for a delicious, vitamin-rich drink. What is the difference between a blender and a juice extractor? The first mixes the ingredients and keeps the fibers, pulp and juice. Conversely, the second extracts only the juice and nothing else. The blender, € 159 at Darty's

Milk bags

To make your own vegetable milks (coconut, almond or soy for example), the milk bag is essential. Acting as a colander with tiny orifices, it will allow you to extract milk from the chosen plants. Milk bags, € 8.99 both on Amazon