Revo'motion, the connected lock

Revo'motion, the connected lock

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The Vachette brand offers a new Revo'Motion ENTR connected lock, which expands its range. After the electronic handles for the home, the brand attacks apartment owners with this lock, which guarantees optimal security while banning the use of a classic key. Explanations.

Forgetting your keys will no longer be a problem!

The door locks automatically after closing and the ENTR lock works using a Smartphone. However, if you don't want to use your mobile phone, it can just as easily be opened and closed using a remote control, or an optional fingerprint or code reader. Indeed, these last two systems require the installation of an additional wall box with fingerprint reader and keyboard. The wall reader is positioned on the outside for identification by fingerprint or code, from 4 to 12 digits. To connect to your lock remotely, use the ENTR app (available on iOS and Android) on your phone. You can then authorize access to your family, friends or even your neighbors.

A revolutionary system

The lock operates autonomously for three months on a rechargeable battery. Regarding the price of this little technological marvel, count 390 euros excluding installation for the standard model, supplied with two remote controls, Bluetooth function, 1 key and a charger. You can acquire it from locksmiths in the EXPERT Vachette network or in DIY stores.
For installation, no drilling or wiring is necessary, just as you do not need to modify either your door or your lock. More info on