The modular stainless steel kitchen by Naber

The modular stainless steel kitchen by Naber

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Naber, the German brand specializing in the manufacture of innovative kitchen accessories, will surprise you with its modular kitchen concept. All the furniture is designer and in white stainless steel (or steel). Small presentation in pictures.

An idea of ​​genius

Based on the principle that kitchens have become real places of life and aesthetics, Naber has teamed up with designer Kilian Schindler to design an ultra flexible kitchen. The idea is simple: the kitchen has several minimalist units to integrate into any space. Indeed, the Concept Kitchen by Naber is composed of 5 basic stainless steel modules and a series of accessories. By magic, you have five modules: a worktop with integrated hobs, a sink module, a butcher block, a storage support and a high-tech column. Then you can readjust your kitchen according to your desires, your needs and especially your interior.

Easy to assemble modules

The elements can be easily "disassembled". Each module is easily assembled using a simple set of connectors for easy assembly and disassembly just as easy! All include several holes to facilitate the addition of shelves or structural panels. All this without tools! And Naber was smart: he teamed up with the French brand Tolix to manufacture the stainless steel elements. Today, you can even go to the Naber site to play with 3D software that allows you to design your kitchen! It's your turn !
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