Tutorial: a fabric watch strap

Tutorial: a fabric watch strap

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You love your watch but you would not be against something new? This tutorial will teach you how to easily transform it by making a watch strap with a scarf or a piece of news: 739845 fabric!


- a scarf or a piece of news: 739845 fairly fine fabric - flat pliers - news: 739825 crochet Budget: around € 5 Duration: 30 minutes


1. To begin, remove the current bracelet. Please note, certain types of fasteners require the use of suitable tools (translation: go to your watchmaker). In the case of simple fasteners, you just have to push the brush on the right side.
2. Remove the current bracelet without completely removing the brushes from the fasteners, then insert the piece of news: 739845 fabric in the two fasteners.


Changing a watch at no cost is pretty easy isn't it? Let your imagination run wild by choosing the latest: 739845 fabric you want: striped, polka dots or even flowers to match your homemade liberty bracelet! Be careful, if you cannot open the fasteners on your watch, do not force it, rather go for a tour with a watchmaker who can easily help you!

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