Interview with William Rabaud, founder of Jardins Urbains

Interview with William Rabaud, founder of Jardins Urbains

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The development of outdoor spaces in an urban environment is an activity that requires experience and precision. The culture above ground implying the implementation of specific methods, it is advisable to take into account each environmental element so that the plants suffer at least from climate change. All these constraints did not discourage Loïc Feron and William Rabaud, who embarked on the adventure "Urban Gardens" almost six years ago. Specializing in the development of terraces and green roofs, the Paris-based company has come a long way since its creation! William Rabaud, landscaper as pragmatic as passionate, agreed to answer our questions and give us some of his tips.

Why did you choose the path of landscaping?

I have always had a penchant for decoration, however I could not imagine working indoors. So I naturally turned to landscaping by following training at the Breuil school in Vincennes. It was there that I met my partner, Loïc Feron, with whom I subsequently launched Jardins Urbains. We are fortunate to be rather complementary in our respective know-how: I generally take care of the design and customer relations part while Loïc is more often in the field. Over the years, we have gotten to know each other perfectly, and at the same time to be more lucid about ourselves!

Can you tell us a bit more about Jardins Urbains?

Our specialty is undoubtedly the design and installation of wooden terraces: they are among the most requested by customers, but also one of our most successful achievements. Apart from the masonry, we manage all their installation - from the floor, through the landscaping and the automatic watering system. We always try to offer innovative and original layouts, according to the budget allocated to us. The prices for a 35 m2 terrace range from 15,000 to 120,000 euros, which implies a choice of very different materials and plants! Green walls have also been very successful in recent years, but this type of installation remains quite expensive. The implementation, the materials and the very complex watering system vary the prices between 900 and 1200 € per square meter, which is still quite inaccessible for many individuals.

Are there any projects that have particularly marked you?

We recently created a beautiful outdoor space at the top of a Haussmann apartment with a breathtaking view of the Madeleine church in Paris: a challenge of which we are proud! The terrace project that we presented at the last "Jardins, Jardin" show in the Tuileries also received a very good reception from the public, and we hope to be able to reproduce it quickly in a private home.

What are your plans for the coming months?

We are starting to work on the historic gardens, with a first project carried out for the champagne brand Veuve Cliquot. This 17th century vegetable garden that we are currently developing for them is a project that is particularly close to our hearts, and which at the same time allows us to vary our skills!

What advice would you give to individuals who plan to install a terrace at home?

First, think carefully about your project in advance! The development of a terrace is ideally done during the winter season in order to be able to enjoy it from the first sunny days in spring. Automatic watering is also an essential aspect to take into account, as is pruning and weeding. With a little maintenance, the garden - whether urban or not - can easily flourish in a few years! More info on //