Pistoche: the children's pool

Pistoche: the children's pool

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It's hot, it's sunny and your children really want to bathe! No need to embark on crazy work to please them, Procopo has the solution. The "Pistoche" is an above ground pool for young children and careful parents. tells you a little more.

A very secure swimming pool

Made in Brittany, this pool is the perfect combination of play and safety. Unlike other plastic pools sold commercially, it has a safety device. Thanks to its cover, no more accidents! Once swimming is complete, unfold the cover to ensure the safety of the pool and protect the pool from evaporation and night cooling. The Pistoche also adapts to your children: swimming is ensured by a cartridge filtration system, very practical, which makes it possible to adapt the height of the water according to the size of the children.

Safety yes, but aesthetics too!

In addition to being very secure, the "Pistoche" pool is aesthetic. Made of solid northern pine and treated, it will find its place perfectly in your garden. Installing it is a breeze, in just four hours, only two people will keep your children happy for the whole summer. The installation is carried out on prepared and stabilized ground. Use the assembly diagram provided and voila!
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