Flea market: 5 tips for bargain hunting

Flea market: 5 tips for bargain hunting

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It's time for flea markets and garage sales! If flea markets and garage sales are the place par excellence for good deals, we should not indulge in the ardor of nostalgia by buying everything and anything at a little too expensive ... share with you its good tips for bargain hunting well and efficient.

When to hunt?

There are two schools: on one side those who get up at dawn to find the most beautiful objects, on the other those who prefer the end of the afternoon to get good deals when the sellers are putting away their things and are ready to cut prices. However, early in the morning, you will find on the flea markets professional bargain hunters, who will not give you time to say whew that they will have bought half of the stands by bargaining incisively. While at the end of the afternoon, the stands are empty and you don't have much left ... The best is to go bargain hunting in the morning, making a last round at the end of the afternoon, in the hope of digging out very very sold-out articles.

The kit for the perfect bargain hunter

Some accessories which will be very useful to you: - a meter - to be sure that this chest of drawers will fit in your room, this implying that you have in mind the dimensions of your room…; - foldable bags - to easily carry around all your finds because not all merchants offer them; - money - the majority of merchants are individuals, prepare your money because card payments will be impossible, also have your checkbook on you.

How to bargain hunt for cheap?

Rather hang around the stands of individuals, they tend to get rid of the old things in their attic and will tend to sell for less. Then ignore your shyness and dare to haggle. Look carefully at the object of your desires from all angles. Any defect will be an argument to request a discount! Finally, bargain in a reasonable way: tell the seller - without offending the latter! - the price you are willing to pay for its object. And bluff: let the seller believe that you are ready to give up the item if the price does not drop enough. Do not show that you want this object more than anything, the seller would then have no interest in selling its prices. Do not rush on objects, play nonchalance. Anyway, never forget, with a smile, everything is negotiable!

How to bargain-hunt without getting ripped off?

Pay attention to the fashions! Fashion will drive prices up. So, for some time now, everyone has been panicking for rattan - a material that was originally not very noble -, rattan mirrors that nobody wanted a while ago are quickly becoming quite expensive today. Whether you fall for industrial or Scandinavian objects and furniture, be sure to ask about market prices before going to a flea market. Nothing could be simpler: go to Ebay or Le Bon Coin and do your research. You will have in mind the price range. We did the exercise with a row of Scandinavian 1960s - knowing that obviously prices vary depending on the size of the furniture and the quality of the wood but we stuck to comparable products -: we are offered products from 500 to 1,100 euros. We therefore retain the low range - from 500 to 750 euros - in order to calmly search this style of furniture. As for designer pieces, be careful. In general, it is better to have a minimum of knowledge about the period sought.

Flea market, paradise of recovery and diversion

Another point: the most important in flea market is to get to plan! Even objects that are a little damaged, a little worn can make masterpieces that everyone will envy you. The icing on the cake: the imperfect object will cost you even less in flea market and you will have a completely unique object, customized by you. What could I do with this old mirror whose frame is a bit plain? Tom does not have a solution for you, he has 3.3 ideas to revamp an old mirror! What could I do with this not very funky old table? We ask Tom, who always has a lot of ideas: 3 ideas to revamp an old table. Our DIY section is full of ideas to revamp vintage furniture and objects, get inspired!