Before / After: Design a bathroom with Mediterranean accents

Before / After: Design a bathroom with Mediterranean accents

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In Quebec, a couple has chosen to transform their tired bathroom into a warm and relaxing space with typically Mediterranean charm. They called on Atelier Avant-Garde to take charge of carrying out this ambitious renovation project. Today, it reveals a sunny decoration full of good humor. Discovery in pictures!

Rethinking space

Before: With its clumsy layout, imposing furniture and impersonal decor, this bathroom requires a major overhaul. It is the responsibility of the Atelier Avant-Garde team to develop this small space and develop a decor that matches the personality and tastes of its client.
After: Successful bet ! Thoughtful renovations have restored all of its splendor to this tired bathroom. Under the watchful eye of the owners, Atelier Avant-Garde has managed to rethink the hazardous layout of the space. The volumes have been extended in order to create a bathroom with well-defined spaces. Today it consists of a sanitary space, hidden by glass doors, and a shower and bath area. The bathtub has been replaced to the profile of a contemporary model with curved lines and the rest of the furniture has been selected in a sober and refined style to lighten the space.

Seaside inspiration

Before: Parquet and vanity unit in dark oak, marble credenza, sky blue paint ... the bathroom dreams of a personalized decoration where each of the elements will be highlighted.
After: Change of scenery ! Dressed in graphic ceramic walls in blue tones, the bathroom has been transformed into a space conducive to well-being and relaxation. The interplay of materials and textures now gives a Mediterranean style, very chic to the space. The gray brushed oak vanity and lingerie with white glazing, combined with the vaguely effect wall ceramic and that of the wood effect floor in two sections, balance with the designer bathtub and the imposing custom-made concrete sink. The latter brings an industrial touch to the decor. Avant-Garde Workshop