4 simple tips for living in a good neighborhood

4 simple tips for living in a good neighborhood

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While the neighbors' party took place a few days ago, the idea of ​​improving our relations with the residents of our neighborhood is felt. Whether we live in a house or an apartment, we must all make a minimum of effort so that the right agreement is in place. How to live in good neighborhood? Here are the editorial tips.

Tip 1: Live everyone at home

If you live in a house, know that the sidewalk is not yours. Also, you must put your personal belongings at home, return your garbage cans and above all park your vehicles in spaces provided for this purpose. If you live in an apartment, you must avoid investing in the common areas and store your bikes and other personal effects in the dedicated premises. Whether you have a garden or a balcony, keep your privacy. To do this, you can use a screen, plants or garden canvases.

Tip # 2: Reduce noise pollution

Noise is the primary source of conflict between neighbors. Vigilance is therefore essential. If a member of your tribe plays a musical instrument, they must do so during reasonable time slots. If you have a dog, do not leave it outside all day and avoid it barking too early in the day or on the contrary too late. Ladies, in the house, avoid wearing heels! In general, avoid making too much noise. Of course, you also have to know how to be lenient. If someone in your neighborhood is hosting a party, you can accept it. Unless this situation recurs every week, it is tolerable. The same is true for parents of very young children. A crying infant, we have to accept it!

Tip # 3: Be clean

Your garden, your balcony and your terrace are private spaces, but sometimes these outdoor spaces are visible to everyone. You must therefore take care of them and put them away. It is a form of respect for your neighborhood. In the common areas, be respectful too. If you get dirty, clean up! You are, like all the inhabitants, responsible for these common areas. The same is true for garages, cellars and common areas. Also, for the well-being of all, these common spaces must be welcoming.

Tip # 4: Open up to others

And yes ! Whether during the Neighbors Day or at any time of the year, you need to get to know your neighborhood. Open up, chat, share. Do not hesitate to help your neighbors, they will help you in return! If one of your neighbors is doing DIY, offer him a hand or lend him tools. If one of the families has children the age of yours, organize afternoon snacks. Offer to collect mail during the holidays, feed the cat, etc. In short, be good neighbors!