4 simple tips to save water in your kitchen

4 simple tips to save water in your kitchen

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Even if water consumption in the kitchen is far behind that of the bathroom, it is essential to take a few measures to save money. Dishwasher, cooking water, frother ... here are 4 simple things to do to reduce your water bill considerably.

Tip n ° 1: put a frother

Aerators, economizers or limiters, there are many nozzles which all aim to reduce the flow of the tap. The comfort for the user remains the same since air is mixed with water to maintain an identical wetting. Be aware that with this type of system installed in your kitchen, you can lower your water consumption by up to 60%!

Tip n ° 2: bet on a dishwasher

Much more economical than us, the dishwasher consumes on average only 12 liters of water compared to 50 liters for washing dishes by hand. Some models are even more efficient and are capable of using only 7 liters of water! So the idea is to wait until your dishwasher is full before launching it, and you're sure to save real water in the kitchen.

Tip 3: turn off the tap while washing dishes

If you do not have the space to install a dishwasher, it does not matter, you can also save water by washing by hand. To do this, simply do not let the water run continuously while washing your dishes. If you are lucky enough to have two bins, use one of them for washing and the second for rinsing. It's that simple !

Tip 4: reuse the cooking water

Once your pasta or vegetables are cooked, you may be in the habit of letting the water escape directly into the sink. It's a shame because it is possible to recover it and use it for other purposes. Rice water for example is an excellent cosmetic! Rich in starch and mineral salts, you can use it after your shampoo to rinse your hair. These will then be smoother and easier to disentangle. As for the cooking water of your vegetables, it can be perfectly used to water your indoor plants like your outdoor flowers. Think about it!