Milxxer, the blender for vegetable drinks

Milxxer, the blender for vegetable drinks

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Neither allergic, nor diet, nor vegetarian, I too have been tempted lately by vegetable drinks. It must be said that they are a hit (milk, oh oh oh!) Right now because they are at the crossroads of several trends in vogue. For my part, I must admit that it was a failure: whether the milk is soy, hazelnut or almonds, my taste buds refuse. However, when I question the people around me, plant-based drinks are democratizing and offer interesting new alternatives compared to, say, a more traditional diet. All that to say that the arrival of the Milxxer, a blender specializing in the preparation of vegetable drinks, hardly surprises me.

How do you prepare a vegetable drink?

Making your own vegetable milk yourself is not complicated in itself. You need quality raw material and patience. The preparation of a vegetable drink at home is above all a matter of soaking and this stage generally lasts a dozen hours. When your vegetable ingredient (almonds, rice, millet, hazelnuts, quinoa, etc.) is well inflated, a fairly powerful blender is responsible for grinding your food (some plants must however be cooked before mixing). The liquid obtained must then be filtered to transform into vegetable milk.

Why Milxxer for its vegetable drink rather than another blender?

People who have chosen a specific food mode (such as veganism or living and raw food) for a few years are mostly already equipped with household appliances dedicated to this type of food. Examples include juice extractors or super blenders. For the Milxxer to have a chance of success, it must therefore offer an additional service compared to existing models. And that's the case ! The Riviera & Bar blender has a secret boot since it is heated.

The specifics of the Milxxeur

In reality, the Milxxer is rather a heating blender whose programs have been adapted to the preparation of vegetable drinks. In all, it offers 10 programs, including 9 automatic programs. You can prepare cold vegetable drinks (for spelled, quinoa or almond), hot vegetable drinks (with soy, rice or chickpeas). If the first two programs are exclusively intended for vegetable milk, the other programs are more classic (soups, smoothies, coulis or even compotes). Finally the Milxxer is very versatile and will suit any type of diet. While waiting for its release (scheduled for September 2015), I let you study its main characteristics: a motor with a power of 950 W, a bowl of 1.5 liters, a 4-blade knife and a keep warm function. The Milxxer will be accompanied by a book of 50 recipes, enough to discover vegetable drinks for novices. Riviera & Bar, Milxxer vegetable drink maker, PS 450 A, € 150 (available from September 2015).