Before / After: Renovating a Norman farmhouse!

Before / After: Renovating a Norman farmhouse!

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Completely transforming a dark and ineffective Norman farmhouse into a modern and friendly place to live, this is the challenge that Fabienne Pujol, architect and interior designer, founder of the Garance Touch agency, took up. To meet the very precise specifications of the owners who wished to preserve the charm and the exterior authenticity and to breathe a wind of modernity inside the building, the architect had no other choice but to completely rehabilitate the house, left in a state of decrepitude since 1970. We open the doors to this major project. Area: 100 m² Budget: 80,000 euros

A completely redesigned living space

Before: Beams on the ceiling, faded wooden planks on the wall, tiled floors, electricity and plumbing of the time ... time seems to have stood still in this farmhouse 15 meters long by 3.5 meters wide. To meet the requirements of layout and comfort desired by the owners of this second home in the countryside, the architect had to undertake many works of the living space. The layout has thus been redesigned to make room for a large living space.

After: Change of scenery ! Today, the ground floor consists of a large living room with open kitchen, a sitting area, a guest bedroom and a bathroom. The load-bearing wall separating the old kitchen and the living room has been removed to make room for a comfortable living space. Initially close to the fireplace, the kitchen has been moved to the other end, for more functionality. On the ground, the old tiles give way to pretty old tiles which now give an unequaled charm to this cozy space. Likewise, the windows have been replaced by new models with wooden mullions and double glazing. To overcome the lack of clarity and visually raise the ceiling, the beams were painted the same shade as the walls in a very light gray. A solution which, alone, effectively modernizes the room. The living room now located by the fireplace creates a warm and friendly space where life is good.

Between tradition and modernity

After: Place is now given to an eclectic furniture composed of designer furniture, family and bargain pieces. This is evidenced by the waxed concrete kitchen area, the earthenware credenza where an aluminum table and a 16th century Spanish shepherd's furniture stand side by side. In terms of colors, the architect favored colors ranging from taupe in the kitchen, to a verdigris in the bathroom and a glass of water in the bedroom. Simply sublime!

Arrange the attic

Before: To satisfy the couple's desire for space and functionality, the attic has been fitted out.
After: Successful facelift! Today the space consists of two bedrooms, a reading corner and a water point. On the floor, a solid parquet floor with a rather contemporary style was laid. This contrasts ideally with the rustic and authentic charm of the original beams on the wall and offers good sound insulation. In the first room, composed of a sleeping area and a reading corner, the architect opted for a dark red and a crushed raspberry that meet on either side of the fireplace. The master bedroom, meanwhile, combines chocolate, blue and old gold. Fabienne Pujol, Garance Touch Agency