Thomson Couscook

Thomson Couscook

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The Thomson brand launches the first electric couscoussier! At the same time friendly, traditional, hearty and varied, couscous is one of the favorite dishes of the French. But, it is quite tedious to make it yourself. Besides the preparation of semolina, meat and vegetables, cooking takes a very long time. Thanks to Couscook, finished the restaurant! You can now prepare a good couscous at home, to share with family or friends.

Prepare good meals easily

This revolutionary appliance has a fairly large capacity which allows you to cook for 6 to 8 people. And nothing like a good homemade couscous to delight your guests! However, this small appliance is not that big, so you can store it easily in your kitchen. Couscook is certainly a couscoussier, but also, and above all, a multicooker! You can use it in a slow cooker, in a rice cooker as well as to steam your food. The Thomson brand had the good idea to accompany it with a small book of savory and sweet recipes to inspire you!

A functional and design device

Couscook modernizes the traditional couscoussier thanks to its white color and its chrome finishes. Composed of a removable tank and a steam basket for semolina, and silicone handles, it is easily removable and transportable. The little extra? The different parts are washable in the dishwasher.
Thanks to its functionalities, the cooking of your dishes will be perfect! A first button located above the device allows you to adjust the temperature, while the second (below) acts as a timer. An audible signal then alerts you when your dish is ready!
For the moment the Couscook is available on M6 Boutique, at a price of 149 euros, before arriving in commerce in May 2015.


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